Pro One has been creating safe, dynamic, creative, softfall spaces since 1996. We have a tight-knit team of experts who can help you with your recreational area.

Pro One has a genuine interest in providing our clients access to advanced technology and design that facilitates premium performance, optimal usage and extended life on their construction projects. Our staff take pride in the high quality of their work, but also assist their clients in design, suggestions on drainage, transitions, levels etc. We are happy to meet our clients for site inspections at any stage of the project, or alternatively will gladly represent our clients on-site in a professional manner to ensure the job is completed on time and on budget seamlessly.



You can depend on Pro One. When we take on a project we take it very seriously. We know that your client is relying on you to complete the project on time and on budget and it’s imperative that we represent you with the greatest quality of work and professionalism possible.


Quality is what we do best, our large team have all the different skill sets we need to deliver a high quality project. We enjoy seeing projects come to life and take pride in delivering a high quality safe product.


We realise a project doesn’t just end at handover. It’s essential to ensure that the space remains safe and compliant for the life of the installation. Pro One document all aspects of the project and are available to help at a moments notice should you require assistance even years after project completion.

What we do…

We provide a full range of products and services from small playground softfall to large playground construction and multisport court construction


ProOne rubber is ideal for use as play area rubber safety surfacing or just as cushioning beneath synthetic grass to provide the required attenuation to your space. All our installations comply with AS4422 and AS4685 ensuring that our kids are safe from serious head injury.


ProOne synthetic grass is perfect for areas where lawn maintenance is difficult or unwelcome or in areas where lawn just doesn’t grow due to high foot traffic or environmental factors. The grasses available today are soft underfoot, look great, and are priced very reasonably. All our grasses are Australian manufactured for our harsh environment. This grass will last.


Pro One supply and install acrylic and artificial grass sport surfaces. We specialise in both the installation and maintenance of synthetic surfaces for tennis, netball and other sports/multisports.


From hopscotch to logos to complex stripes, we can do it. The key is getting the joins right avoiding separation in the future. Both our unique processes and our meticulous designers/installers have this sorted. We’ve pretty much done it all in synthetic grass and in rubber.


From exercise equipment in a small council park to a McDonald’s indoor playspace or a giant playground in a massive new development, we have you covered. Pro One can remove, install, or repair your playground, our team includes level 3 playground auditors because we need to keep abreast of the constantly changing Australian standards which keep our kids safe.


PolySoft ‘Splash’ has been formulated specifically to address issues frequently encountered by facility managers within the harsh aquatic environment . Being hard wearing, soft, mould resistant, non-permeable, and UV stabilised, Polysoft is the preferred product for many water play parks and water park designers in Australia.


Drainage can sometimes be a real issue in building and landscape design. We have many different products which when used in the right way can solve even the most complex water flow problems. With drainage cells and highly permeable rubber surfacing we can ensure water pooling is a thing of the past or that your significant lanscape trees get plenty of water through to their root systems.


With such a wide range of rubber types and colours and so many differant grass styles and colours virtually anything is possible. Our design team will turn an otherwise dull installation into a fun and creative space that will have all the Mums talking.

Environmental Sustainability

A large number of Australia’s end-of-life tyres are being disposed through landfill, stockpiles, exported as baled tyres or illegally dumped. The Federal Government’s Hyder report has estimated that 51 million tyre equivalent passenger unit (EPU) tyres reached their end of life in Australia in 2013-14. Unfortunately a lot of these are illegally dumped or end up in our landfill.

Pro One is keen to protect the environment as much as possible so wherever we can we use recycled rubber products. Most of our rubber jobs use CSBR rubber which is recycled car tyres granulated, cleaned, then put through a process which adds the colouring. Using recycled not only saves the problem of disposal, there’s also a huge energy saving benefit. Making 1kg of rubber product from recycled tyres saves about 75% of the energy needed to produce 1kg of virgin rubber.

Below are a couple of case studies we’ve done on how much using these recycled products helps the environment.

Saving our environment for future generations

Case Study One;  Hawthorne Park, Brisbane

The Hawthorne Park Brisbane project used CSBR recycled rubber and rubber mulch impact cushioning which considerably benefited the environment over using virgin rubber product.

Kilograms of Rubber used

Car tyres saved from landfill

Litres of landfill space saved

Saving our environment for future generations

Case Study Two;  Stapyltons Road, Heathwood

Our client was after a solution where the centre median strips on Stapyltons Road, Heathwood required surfacing which would allow water to flow through to tree roots of the newly planted vegetation and yet wouldn’t wash away or affect the roadways like bark mulch might do. Pro One designed a recycled rubber mulch solution which satisfied Couincil arborists and traffic planners.

Kilograms of Rubber used

Car tyres saved from landfill

Litres of landfill space saved

What Our Clients Say About Us

Regarding the recent HAGS Gym installation, we’ve recieved feedback from the client that they were very impressed with you and your installation team. We also wanted to thank you for your outstanding work with this difficult project, which ran very smoothly, considering this was our first installation of this product in Australia. Thanks very much.

Anthony Millington
National Sales Manager / Omnitech Pty Ltd

From the moment we contacted Pro One their level of service, communication and workmanship has been second to none. For this reason we have been using their services for the past 12 months. During this time they have produced time and time again the level of expectation we want to deliver to our clients, they represent not only themselves well but also our own business. It is hard to find a company with a likeminded attitude towards customer service, productivity and commitment. Working with Pro One has simply made our business look even better.

Ashley Robertson

I want to give a massive wrap to all the guys from Pro One who really pulled through for me and ensured the playground was finished for the opening celebration. Not to mention the help provided in rejigging the playground layout so that it worked. One of the guys injured his back halfway through the install and while I would have understood if he nursed it and took it easy he didn’t. Not only did the Pro One guys put in a massive effort but the finish and workmanship is outstanding. I am very pleased with the crisp edges and smoothness. They are a credit to themselves and to Duplay, I would have no hesitations in using Duplay or Pro One in the future.

James Stewart
Project Manager / Transport & Infrastructure, Whitsunday Regional Council

Thank you Pro One for your installation of the equipment and rubber at Nightcliff Foreshore. Your professional and friendly approach was appreciated and ensured the final stage of the project ran smoothly. We have received tremendous feedback regarding the equipment and hope to have both a media launch and a community launch in the near future. Again, thank you for your effort!

Simone Drury
Community Recreation Coordinator / Community and Cultural Services Department, Darwin City Council

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